Digital Food Smoker from BRADLEY SMOKER™

The Digital Bradley Food Smoker has taken over the two individually controlled heating elements from the Original Smoker and developed digital control center with some upgrades. With this model, you can set the temperature, heating time and amount of smoke required for consistent results every time you smoke. The automatic thermostat allows you to set the oven function to the desired temperature, and the smoke generator will automatically adjust the heat to maintain the temperature. The auto-stop feature has been added to make your experience more convenient, automatically stopping smoke or burning wood biscuits when the program has ended.

The Bradley Digital Food Smokers are capable of both hot and cold smoking: In fact, they do a great job when it comes to cold smoking, thanks to the sustainable and controllable system for producing smoke. For a more advanced experience in cold smoking, we recommend the cold smoke adapter.

The programmable digital display provides full control over the smoking process by setting three separate parameters:

  • oven temperature: set the desired oven temperature and the smoker will try to maintain it while also indicating the current environment temperature
  • cooking period: set the interval in which you want the smoker to be operable (cooking period); after the time has elapsed, the generator will automatically switch off the heating element of the smoking chamber
  • smoking period: sets the interval in which you want the generator to produce smoke; this is different from the heating interval

While the Bradley Food Smokers are intended for home use, they are also widely used in light commercial environments. Please check as well the Original Food Smoker for more details.